Ventana JTAG Software Release

Gateworks is proud to announce JTAG programming support for the Ventana family of Single Board Computers. This support allows precompiled binaries that include the kernel, bootloader, and root filesystem to be flashed via Gateworks JTAG software onto any Ventana board. This is valuable as it is the most simple way to load new software and updates onto the board. The same JTAG software is also backwards compatible with all previous Gateworks boards. This release is limited to Linux and provides programming support and does not include upload or verify support. Ventana is unique in that it is the first family to use NAND flash which requires additional routines to handle bad blocks.

The new JTAG Linux executables, can be found on the Gateworks Software Wiki:

To find the most current and up to date prebuild binary images of OpenWrt for Ventana:

Gateworks Support Team

Android App Development on Gateworks SBCs

Gateworks supports Android on the Ventana family of Single Board Computers. Once loading Android onto the SBC, the next logical step is to create an app. Some of these apps may want to communicate with a GPIO and other hardware. Gateworks has documented some examples and tutorials on creating a simple Android app and correctly integrating it into the system.

Please find all the information on the Gateworks Software Wiki link: