Yocto 1.6 BSP Released for Gateworks Ventana Family

Gateworks is proud to announce the release of Open Embedded Yocto Daisy Version 1.6 for its Ventana Family of Single Board Computers. The Yocto BSP is primarily used by customers utilizing the video features on the Ventana family. This release is a major improvement over the previous 3.0.35 kernel.

Key Features of this release:

  • 3.10.17 Freescale Vendor Kernel
    • Featuring Device Tree
    • Full VPU & GPU Support
    • Latest and Improved Wireless Tools
      • hostapd 2.2
      • wpa_supplicant 2.2
      • iw 3.15
      • compat-wireless 20140516
  • Updated Packages in Yocto 1.6 Daisy ( Reference: https://www.yoctoproject.org/download/yocto-project-16)
  • Hard Float support for i.MX6

Please find our prebuilt UBI on our Software Wiki here:http://trac.gateworks.com/wiki/OpenEmbedded/Building#Pre-CompiledBinary

To build from source:http://trac.gateworks.com/wiki/OpenEmbedded/Building

Please find our main OpenEmbedded Software Wiki page here:http://trac.gateworks.com/wiki/OpenEmbedded

For more information,the main Software Wiki Link is here:http://trac.gateworks.com/