Introducing the Gateworks Blog!


Gateworks is excited to announce the start of our blog.

Our blog is a great way for us to communicate to people interested in, using, and developing on Gateworks powerful Single Board Computers.

We will be posting announcements, tips on development, new features, important product information, and fun tutorials.

Be sure to subscribe to the blog by email by entering your email address in the Email Subscription box on the right side menu. You can be notified by email when new posts are published!

Be sure to check out our wiki as well at http://trac.gateworks.comfor tutorials, guides, tips, and more.

We love to hear your feedback, feel free to email us at

We are looking forward to sharing and communicating in a richer way with our customers!

Stay tuned for our next post!


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About Gateworks

GATEWORKS is the leading supplier of Powerful ARM based Single Board Computers for transmitting and receiving audio, video and data in embedded wireless & wired network systems.